• When your resident asks for a ‘milk-free’diet…

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    Jay is the new chef at Golden Years Rest Home. One of his first tasks is to update the cycle menu in line with the New Zealand Ministry of Health Dietary Guidelines for older people. Jay learns that dairy products...Read More

  • Malnutrition in Aged Care

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      A healthy diet is important for everyone. We all know that babies and young children need enough of the right food to grow and be healthy. But did you know that very old, along with the very young, are...Read More

  • Creating tasty and appealing puree meals for adults.

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      Preparing puree meals for adults is an art and a science. We need to consider nutrition as well as appearance, taste and flavour. Most of all we need to ask: is this food that I would enjoy eating? Most...Read More

  • Menu Planning in Aged Care

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    We all plan our menus, whether we realise it or not -  even if it just deciding what’s for tea when arriving at the supermarket car park! Of course, when we are catering for residents in the care home menu...Read More

  • 5 good reasons to get your aged care menu audited by a dietitian

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    As dietitians working in aged care we frequently get panicked phone calls from facility managers: “The auditors are coming next week and I need a menu audit done ASAP, how much do you charge?” So, it seems that some facilities...Read More

  • Chinese nurse weighing elderly patient

    Weight Monitoring in Aged Care

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    We all know the importance of maintaining good nutrition in our residents. A simple but effective way to check residents’ nutritional status is to track weight over time. Unplanned weight loss is linked to poor clinical outcomes, including: malnutrition, pressure...Read More

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    5 steps to manage weight loss in residents

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    In our previous blog, we discussed why weight loss is a concern for residents in aged care facilities. In this blog we discuss 5 simple steps to manage weight loss. Too often when a resident has lost weight, the immediate...Read More

  • weight loss

    5 Reasons we should care about weight loss in aged care residents

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    Weight loss is common in older people. In our weight-obsessed society weight loss is usually seen as a good thing. But in older people any unplanned weight loss is bad, even if they are overweight. 5 reasons we should care...Read More