Menu Audit, Menu Review and Menu Development

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We provide Aged care nutrition menu audit services New Zealand

Our basic tenet is that ‘food is only nutritious if is eaten!’

Our aim is to support you to provide residents’ meals that are not only nutritious, but also delicious.

A good starting point is to look at your current aged care menu and aged care food service practices. We use the Dietitians New Zealand Menu Audit Tool, which is requirement of Auditors for Certification.

Aged Care Menu Audit

The purpose of the aged care menu audit process is to support and empower Aged Care Facilities to optimise meal service to enhance nutritional well-being and quality of life of residents.

The menu audit checks whether the menu has the potential to meet nutrition standards and variety for residents, and includes:

  • Review of the cycle menu looking at nutritional balance, variety, seasonality and choice.
  • We compare Food Quantities purchased with nutrition standards, to make sure your residents are receiving enough of the right food.
  • A site visit to your facility: allows the opportunity for helpful feedback on the food service , as well as a discussion of your nutrition policies and procedures .
  • Report and recommendations: we provide a detailed report with recommendations to be used for certification purposes.

Your residents (and their families) can be reassured that you have a Dietitian approved menu.

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Want to find out more? see attached 2016_Aug_Outline of Menu Review process_Handout.docx

Aged Care Menu Development

Let’s face it, menu development in the aged care setting that will meet the needs of your residents can be challenging, especially in today’s multicultural environment.

One size does not fit all, so we do not impose our views on you. Your menu needs to be tailored to your facilities, equipment, cultural make-up of the residents and budget. We believe that the best menu is developed on site, by your food service staff, with input from residents, their whanau and care staff.

We can help get you on right track by providing:

  • Aged care menu planning guidelines and templates
  • Suggestions for menu items
  • Advice re how to implement nutrition standards
  • Sample menu plans for special diets
  • Protocols for conducting resident menu satisfaction surveys
  • Recommendations for meeting the needs of different ethnic / religious groups
  • Reviewing your draft menu
  • Practical tips on cooking in aged care facilities

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Special Diets

We can provide guidance for planning and preparing nutritious and delicious menus for:

  • Vegetarians
  • Vegans
  • Food allergies and intolerances
  • Modified texture diets (soft, minced and puree)
  • Other special diets (in most cases, however, we find that most residents do not require restrictive diets such as low fat, low salt and diabetic diets)

Food Fortification

Too often nutritional supplements are seen as the instant solution for residents who are underweight or eating poorly.

We believe most people prefer to eat REAL food. We can show you simple and economical ways to fortify food and drinks to “make every mouthful count”.

Your residents will thank you when you provide them with delicious milk shakes, scrumptious baked items and tasty, high energy meals.

Texture Modified Diets

We can provide guidance for planning nutritious and menus for:

  • Appropriate use of  texture modified diets
  • Practical tips on cooking in aged care facilities for texture modified diets (soft, minced and puree diets)
  • Thickened fluids
  • Ensuring adequate nutrition for your residents requiring texture modified diets


Our Food Service dietitians and Executive Chef can assist you with setting up efficient and cost-effective procurement systems and contracts to you optimize your food budget.

Kitchen Design and Purchasing Equipment

Call in our Food Service Specialist dietitians before planning or renovating your kitchen and before purchasing any new equipment to ensure you have the right facilities and equipment to meet your unique requirements.

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