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Unhappy resident not enjoying her meal
Unhappy resident not enjoying her meal



Aged care is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. As the industry grows, and becomes more competitive, the spotlight is turning to the meals served to residents in Aged Care Facilities. Negative media reports about the quality of food in aged care are far too common, and cause public outrage.

Potential consequences of serving inferior quality food to residents include:
  • Poor nutrition and malnutrition,
  • Unhappy residents,
  • Complaints from family members,
  • Health and Disability complaints,
  • Escalating health care costs.

While the majority of providers, cooks and chefs understand the importance of serving nutritious meals to residents, there are many challenges facing the food service manager – tight budgets, rising costs, high staff turnover and limited training opportunities, to name a few.

In recognition of these challenges, Aged Care Dietitians was established by Sandra van Lill, a New Zealand Registered Dietitian with many years specialisation in aged care nutrition.

Aged Care Dietitians

  • supports aged care providers to enhance the quality of life and well-being of residents through optimising nutrition care.
  • empowers providers and carers with evidence-based nutrition knowledge and practical skills.

Aged Care Dietitians Services:

  • We work collaboratively with industry experts to provide Aged Care Nutrition Training to Aged Care Providers throughout New Zealand.
  • Our Aged Care Specialist dietitians can visit your facility to see individual residents requiring clinical nutrition consultation (special diets, weight loss and enteral tube feeding).
  • Our Aged Care Specialist dietitians have expertise in menu audit and review and menu development, and can work with you to ensure your menu is nutritionally balanced, varied and appealing to a diverse range of residents.
  • Our Food Service dietitians provide expert advice around procurement, purchasing equipment and kitchen planning.
  • We offer on-line courses and webinars to upskill care and food service staff in a range of nutrition related topics.

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